Ethiopia defence minister fired after failing basic duties during violent crisis

Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed fires his defense minister and the fellow reformist to overthrow the previous regime, believed as dictator. He is also from ethnic Oromo and former close ally who has recently been openly critical of Abiy’s political reforms.

On Tuesday the office of Premiere announced on Twitter as part of a broader cabinet reshuffle, underscores tensions between Abiy and other high profile politicians from his Oromo ethnic group over how Ethiopia’s democratic transition should be managed.

Dr. Abiy, the winner of last years Nobel Peace Prize , became Ethiopia’s first ethnic Oromo leader while the nations history has not yet cleared the ethnicity of other leaders. In the history of Ethiopia, it is taboo to mention a human, specially an Ethiopian in his/her tribe. Just taboo…but the political circle of divide and rule came to the blessed Ethiopian land about 30 years ago. Today, the principle of division is hardly working because the society understood the cause and consequences of its disaster. Abiy and his tribal allies are still using the ethnic tool for their political gains.

Some Oromos are still contending PM Abiy has not mentioned their longstanding claims of economic and political marginalization is not fully addressed.

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