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The international Monetary fund approved $411 million in emergency funding to help Ethiopia cope with the fall out from the corona virus outbreak. According to the latest government data as of 03/05/200, the cases pass a hundred. It is not a good signal to hear that the virus has grounding in that land. All efforts are underway as the health minister Dr. Liya says while appreciating her office overall maneuver.

“Ethiopia is facing a significant economic slowdown and an urgent balance of payments need owing to the covid-19 pandemic” IMF said in a statement.

<a href="http:// ” class=”aioseop-link”>Ethiopia will also get debt relief that the found is extending to the poorest and most vulnerable countries. It is the pronunciation of IMF and its pro_movement to the paranoia of unknown. So far the aid is on its way..A fall in exports and bans of travel to curb the virus spread will slow growth and weaken external and fiscal accounts. The immediate priority is to increase spending on <a href="http:// ” class=”aioseop-link”>health care and provide emergency assistance, including food assistance, according to the fund. The volatile situation has no clear indications of the future possibilities.

By Eyasu Esayas

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