Egyptian media campaigns and Confusing claims by Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

African Union to hold emergency meeting to discuss GERD ahead of UN security Council session.

The UN has recently stated that the organization has no interest by the building and developmental plan of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The African Union Executive council will hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the confusing and merit beyond the Egypt government’s claim. The source is telling us the whole African nation concerned by the disgusting approach for the Union.

In Libya, the war is heading to certain kind of usual conspiracy. The donors of machines are shifting to replace the fighting ground around Tripoli. The astonishing part of all the drama has deep secrets and intentions of selfish oil snippets on this planet. The issues Egypt is beyond Libya and War lord General Kalif Haftar.

The desert territory, Libya, has not there by the wish of the neighboring Egyptians.

Gulf countries and Turkey are changing their design from contracted and mercenaries soldiers to actual engagement. The African society has deep concern over the brutal holding of Sub Saharan desert as hostage. Every generation in Africa  are suffering. It is because of those selfish beasts on the planet. Some information coming from Mali, Senegal and western African nations is heart breaking. Those who are donating weapons to destroy our African generation are refusing even to touch our water flowing in front of Africans door.

African Union should raise basic issue of our right on natural resources.

In Ethiopia, the generation has seriously committed to bring justice to the brutal past. Today, the need of Ethiopian people be the demand of all African nation. Any foreign interference can change the dream of the plànet. Take caution in any confusion of further step.

Ethiopians have one thing in common, that is Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

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