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Did you hear Eritrean refugee ” caught in cross fire” of Tigray rebellion conflict with Ethiopian government?

As many as 20,000 mainly Eritran refugees have dispersed from the Hitsats and Shimbela camps in Ethiopian’s embattled Tigray region. The UN have got access now after three months from the start of the conflict there.

UNHCR chief Flippo Grandi visited Mai Aini- one of the two camps in Southern Tigray where the UN has fully regained access. He said about 3,000 refugees from the Hitsats and Shimbela camps had made it to Mai Aini where they described being cut off from assistance and subjected to killing and abduction by Tigray armed groups.

. Grandi said some of the refugees had been forced to return to to Eritrea. The satellite image shows widespread of damage to both camps in Northern Tigray with between 15,000 to 20,000 refugees moved to the area.

The UN has recently got an access yo the area affected by the conflict. The Ethiopian government fully restored and controlled the armed rebellion and the former dictatorial regime members and culprits of the war under control.

UNHCR is urging all the stakeholders to participate in humanitarian efforts needed to the region. Reestablishing the camps and restoring services is basic factor which should be addressed, immediately.


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