Deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea 2014- 2020

The version was first  published , Nov 27, 2020 by Simona Varrella on Statsta.

In 2020, it was estimated that 979 migrants died while crossing the Mediterranean Sea, in 2019, the number deaths amounted to 1.9 thousand. However, the accurate number of deaths recorded in the Mediterranean sea can not ascertained.

Between 3014 and 2018 , for instance about 23 thousand people who drowned were never found.

Casualties and Missing people

Worldwide, it was estimated that eight thousand people died in the attempt of fleeing their country. According to estimates, over five thousand refugees lost their lives in the attempt to reach the European Shores in 2016. 

Therefore, the Mediterranean sea was the deadliest migration route. Indeed, over the last couple of years , the Mediterranean sea held the largest numbers of casualties and missing people.

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