Cyber Attacks Target CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)- Halifax Today Local News

 Thousands of accounts breached after cyberattacks target CRA according to Halifax Today local news. Hackers compromised 5,500 accounts on top of fraudulently acquiring login information for over 9,000 a day ago.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently announced it was the target of two separate cyberattacks where about 5,500 consumer accounts were compromised. On top of that login information of over 9,000 accounts was fraudulently acquired and used to try and access government services .

Hackers successfully breached one third of those accounts and the CRA and RCMP are examining them for suspicious activity.

Hackers used usernames and the passwords collected from previous data breaches across the world in a “credential stuffing” scheme- a cyberattack where stolen account credentials, typically lists of emails., usernames, and passwords, are used to gain access to accounts.

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