The open work permit is the first of the new immigration measures becoming available to Hongkongers this year.

Hong Kong residents will be able to apply for a new Canadian open work permit starting February 8. The new three year work permits will allow Hongkongers to gain work experience in Canada. They can then use that experience toward an immigration application.

Canada’s popular express entry system highly values candidates with Canadian work experience.

Ioorder to be eligible for the open work permit, Hongkongers must have graduated with a Canadian post secondary deploma or degree woth in the last five years, or hold an equivalent foreign credential. Post secondary deploma’s need to be from.programmes of at least two years in duration, in order to be eligible.

Visitor visa holders, Students, and temporary workers who are currently in Canada can apply for a new work permit online. Those who are applying from abroad are subject to Canada’s Coronavirus safety measures, including travel restrictions, mandatory quarantine , and testing.

Hongkongers when are outside Canada will need to have a job offer or meet another travel exemption , and comply with all public health requirements in order to enter the country. More details will be available on the government website when the program launches , according to IRCC media release.


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