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Can you get asylum in Canada from the USA?

As updates on July 23, 2020- The Canadian Federal Court says it is not safe for Canada to send asylum seekers back to the United States.

A ruling by the Canadian Judge says that Canada should not follow the Safe Third Country agreement with the United States . the agreement allows Canada to send asylum seekers at the US- Canadian border back to the USA because they can find safety there. But the judge said the USA is not safe for asylum seekers anymore , and the agreement must end.

Important Notice

During the Covid-19 health crisis, most people are not allowed into Canada . This means that asylum seekers at the US- Canada border will be sent back to the USA.

What does this mean for asylum seekers going to Canada from the United States?

The Federal court ruling means asylum seekers coming from the USA should be allowed to apply for asylum. But the government is appealing against the Court’s ruling. There are three important things to know.

  1. The USA – Canada border still closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Evenif the government loses its appeal, the new rule will not start until 2021
  3. It is still very hard to get accepted for asylum in Canada. If you are in the United States , please read all the information below before trying to seek asylum in Canada.

An Uncertain future in the USA

Some refugees, asylees, and other immigrants are fleeing uncertain about their future in the United States . Many have been on the USA for years . They have families , houses and jobs. They don’t feel safe, but it may be dangerous to go back to their country of origin. Also the department of Homeland security is planning to end TPS for thousands of people. Many TPS holders will have to leave the United States or they will be deported.

Leaving to try to get asylum.in Canada

Migrants in the USA have been leaving to try to get asylum in Canada. They believe it will be either to get asylum there. But most people who enter Canada at an official border from Unitesd States cannot make refugee claim in Canada. This is because of an agreement between the two countries. So thousands of migrants are crossing the border unofficially. They hope to apply for asylum once they are inside the country.

Crossing into Canada

Many things you hear and read may lead to believe that it will be easy to get asylum in Canada. But it is very difficult to get asylum. And there art risks to arriving unofficially in Canada.

Read more about what to know of applying asylum in Canada


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