Calling to rescue those scammed.

Hackers breached mailchimp, targeted crypto holders with phishing scams


Calling for Rescue

Email marketing firm Mailchimp confirmed over the weekend that hackers breached an internal tool and used it to access 300 user accounts and steal audience data from 202 of those accounts. ” MobileSyrup 

According to the above report, most of our fellow friends were affected. The case directly affected my site . It is sad. I will try to tell a few of this bumbling history like undercover TNT . Sorry for that online company and its users called Mailchimp. What is encouraging? Let’s talk. In every difficult moment there is a robust root to glory. Here we go: Follow me to find out the legal system and compensation mechanism.

We have developed a very great mechanism to protect every user. Are you or your family affected by the above case? Monstrous evil breached to your wallet through Mailchimp platform. It is ridiculous l, this is invasion. We will talk more about online scam and media invasion. 

It is very important now than ever to talk more about our wellbeing online.  Please, don’t hesitate to file your case to the legal body at Essu Center. Follow our guidance for legal compensation and  social based dealing mechanisms for the vulnerable online society.

Crypto companies under its wonderful technology can follow the roots of this culprit. The blockchain giant currency mechanism for our modern planet caoul possibly take all the important ways to make the law and order served. They have cleared their technical throat to indicate its ledger to the public. 

When I talk about Crypto and Its brave mechanism to maximize profit rather than loss, I feel the glory of being together on earth. I loved the move of awareness. The Essu center is also doing a good job by accepting the local and global voices to advance the mutual system. (- You can follow and file your problem of online digital life. Once scammed, don’t panic. Call Essu center. Send a quick email. Use whatsapp or IMO or anything else. You can even knock their door and  say “Essu, I think O am scammed.” We will immediately respond with our robust force. One but many legal ways are waiting for you @ They Call themselves as C3S . The three surprising S’s. 

C U tomorrow and always. File now!

File your case if you are scammed online. We will follow your case one by one and reach to as rich as we are for your genuine matter. 

File now!

File your case if you are scammed online. We will follow your case one by one and reach to as rich as we are for your genuine matter. 

    Email: & eyasuesayas5 @writercanada3sponsor + eyasuesayas5@writercanada3sponsor

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