Breaking News: Ethiopia National Security Council discusses current security issues

Ethiopian National Security hold meeting on the issues concerning current security proceedings. The meeting, which is led by the country’s Premiere and Chief of commander of Defense force, has critical matter on the table.

The Tigray People’s Libration Front (TPLF): the party pushed out of its 27 dictatorship before two years ago, has been defying not to follow the constitutional mandates. The Tigray Regional election has occurred despite of the Authorities of Federation of Representative which are called the overall election attempt in that region could be ‘Null and Void”.

It is quite awakening news to hear the security meeting led by Prime minister Abiy Ahmed.

Most Ethiopians have questions in mind that the election of Tigray region has dared to destabilize the nation. If the election has value in Federal level, it will cause the failure of Federal system and takes the nation to banana Republic. The current government has to put law and order in placed for the future of the great country, Ethiopia.

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