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Need a home security system, it not too sure where to start? We’ve reviewed all the major professional install and DIY security options to help you find the best home security system.

Simple safe

Best over all value- simple safe is a low cost home security system with DIY setup. Their systems can be installed in minutes with no tools or drilling. Also, simple safe has flexible monitoring plans. Self- monitor or choose simple Safe’s award winning 24/7 monitoring. Simple safe is a great pick for those who value ease and affordability.

Vivint Smart Home

Best home automation- Vivint Smart home is high- end wireless system that offers same day professional installation. They have indoor, outdoor, and door bell camera options with advanced smart home capabilities.

Their highly rated mobile app gives you ultimate control of your property. Vivint is a great option if you want all the bells and whistles.


Best 24/7 Monitoring: Cove offers one of the most user friendly home security systems we have seen. Their wireless alarm kits start in the sub- $200 price range and include Alexa and Google Home Compatibility- with smart phone controls, a touch scr3n control panel, and ultra- affordable monitoring that you can rely on- Cove has earned this spot on our list of favorites.

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