Amnesty international accuses Ethiopian government of murdering opposition supporters but are they working on human right issue in USA?

Here we are in the world of amenity for humanity.????

Amnesty international, a non-governmental organization focused on human rights, has accused the Ethiopian government of killing civilians who were ideologically opposed to the current regime.

According to Africa news, Amnesty claimed that security forces have murdered at least 39 individuals who were reportedly supporters of the opposition party.

In addition, authorities has allegedly arrested thousands and accusing them of unknown conspiracy of being with the opposition.

The current Ethiopian regime, which is being praised as Nobler of Peace winner is the Norway narration of democracy. When the world has time to value the prize of its nobility, whether it is surely of Peace price of HUMAN VALUE.

The Ethiopian security forces are brutal said the toothless amnesty international because of their great job.

If anyone heard them clearly, they will never repeat- they are also bright when they see African countries in-spite of the gladiators competition aside. Just for the surprise of Human Philosophy; Indeed Democracy is going to be the interpretation of United states that is tool. We should work to save the principle and the benefits of individuals and huge companies considering themselves more than human.

You are great as You think!

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By Eyasu Esayas

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