All days for Mom: she is super star

Today, May 10th of 2020, Mom’s day loudly <a href="http:// ” class=”aioseop-link”>celebrated in my western world. when I think about the truth and our mothers love, hey… we are <a href="http:// ” class=”aioseop-link”>vampires living. Take care and think about human future.

Ethiopian Mom <a href="http://&#8221; class=”aioseop-link”>always tells you to ‘<a href="http://&#8221; class=”aioseop-link”>Be Ethiopian‘ ~ you do think<a href="http://&#8221; class=”aioseop-link”> human being as equal, WHEN YOU HAVE ETHIOPIAN MENTALITY.

It’s not dream, It’s our plan. Be human you will live forever.

The philosophy of Martin <a href="http://&#8221; class=”aioseop-link”>Luther king never work in Ethiopia.

Ethiopians never asked for freedom. They are always free.

They [Ethiopians] never bow down for a second unless they chased the nonsense pigs.

life is beautifully structured bot and It is complete bizarre at the same time. The strongest Lilly is ever stronger than all the nature.

<a href="http://&#8221; class=”aioseop-link”>Egyptians must be <a href="http://&#8221; class=”aioseop-link”>hopeless when they ignore common dialogue with Ethiopia.

It is ignorance to prefer grudge than dialogue!

The source of all the blessings is ABBAY or NILE. Today, we want to drink clean water.

None of those rich abbreviated countries can stop us. How dare! You are telling mom to stay without energy by not using the source on her hand.

Today, we want clean water and light. Egyptians should respect our common benefit. The cotton of colony never produce clean linen.

The cotton industry of Great Britain and Egyptian dream may stay as always joke, as if human being has nonsense mistake.

Ethiopians are ever strong.

when I have a chance to listen the morrow leader of that rich abbreviated country, I wish I could have that kind of proficiency. Their abbreviation must be crazy.

The day, at 2050 the time never feel like Trump and Money.

It will stop and we will achieve fruit of Revolution while the class never cross the pointed mark of………..; It will be the new world.

The new generation. The new world REVOLUTION.

Produced by:- Eyasu Esayas

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