A temporary administrative structure will be set up in areas befreed from TPLF, ” Dr. Mulu Nega

Bahir Dar, November 18, 2020 (AMMA) Chief Executive of the Interim administration established in Tigray State Dr. Mulu Nega said an interim administration will be set up in areas liberated from TPLF in Tigray region. 

Dr. Mulu Nega, CEO of the interim administration, made a statement on the details of the interim administration.

 “The interim administration will primarily uphold the constitution and the constitutional order,”  he said.

According to Dr. Mulu, a charter indicating the overall process of the interim administration has been prepared and finalized. 

“As chief executive of the interim administration performs duties of the president of the region, it leads and coordinates activities,” he added. 

Liberated areas will be organized in a short period of time, the people will be mobilized and the transirional administration will carry out government functions in Tigray when the region is totally befreed, Dr. Mulu added.

The CEO said the intrim administration will organize the regional cabinet and appoint zonal administration officials. 

 He said the interim administration aims to establish an administration with the participation of nonaligned and independent scholars of Tigray. 

Adamu Tarekegn

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