Dr. Jean Robert Ngola says accusations that he cause outbreak that killed two people, put his life at risk. He was singled out as the source of Covid-19 outbreak in Campbellton, N.B., in the spring, but an investigation focusing on the discriminatory matter shows he is “patient zero’.

Within an hour of finding out he had tested positive for Corona virus in May, Dr. Jean Robert Ngola was being blamed as the source of a Covid-19 outbreak after his confidential health information was leaked on social media.

An investigation by CBC’s the Fifth state and Radio Canada reveals new contact information that casts doubt on the certainty with which Ngola was identified as ” Patient zero” in the outbreak that resulted in more than 40 cases of Covid-19 and two deaths and points to dozens of other people in northern New Brunswick community who could have brought the virus into the area.

Read more about this and other interesting scenario’s during Covid-19 by CBC.ca


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