4 ways Brands can be Activists for school safety RIGHT now

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As some U.S schools return to in-person learning, this is how brands should support students and educators. the most interesting points to stay safe and alive depends on the choice of the generation in one or no other way.


With U.S schools are reopening amid the ongoing health crisis, educators and parents need more help than ever- not only with their primary roles, but also with the job of getting kids of all ages to buy into safety protocols.

The evidence is clear. Schools are the heart of transmission of many diseases and safety messaging from the government can only go so far. within their immense power, reach and resources brands can and should – send messages to kids and their parents reinforcing behaviour change.


The world is in the most volatile scenario and Policy chaos which is actually demolishing our natural existence on earth. Everything becomes politics on the hand of U.S administration and the planet is in real need complete change to the future of Human species.

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