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Are you looking to hire foreign talent from abroad? You are on the right place , I am going to tell you about all the legal nitty- gritty you need to know about immigration laws.

When you are following these article , you must be in some way connected with a talent agency. Indeed, islt is up to the owner of a talent agency to ensure your foreign talent’s safety.

Hiring foreign talent is not only expensive, but also it demands responsibility on your part.

The immigration law provides basic rights and to refugee and promote diversity. The body of law determining the rights of migrants is called The immigration and nationality act.

Why is it important to allow the entry of foreign talents into the country?

Immigration laws have never been so complex before, Even since Donald Trump came to power , he had made a complete mockery of the immigration laws.

For those who were late to know: the ban of entry in certain Islamic countries. Secondly, the Ex- president wanted to build a wall near the border to prevent the desperate migrants from stepping foot in America. His attempt to make an attempt great again has failed miserably.

Most importantly, the foreign talents can contribute to the U.S. Economy. It is the responsibility of the talent manager to make sure that the foreign talent is taken care of. As a talent manager , you must run several background checks on your foreign talent , lest it is another ICE North Carolina incident. When you hire someone from a different land , you should be considerate of his/her habits and minor behavioral demands.

What are the different types of immigration

  1. Kin- Based Immigration- As I already mentioned above, the importance is given to a family in the immigration law policies. It allows the citizens of the U.S. to bring a few family members to the United States. Only immediate relatives are allowed to immigrate to the United States of America.
  2. Refugees Immigration- Refugees are considered to be the core people of American society. The present day Americans are all sons and daughters of Refugees from all parts of the world. Mainly Europe, Africa, and a few from Asia. For instance, during the civil war in Ireland , the Irish people used boats to sail to the cost of New York. The same is the case with Italians , mainly Sicilians. There are many other examples as well.
  3. Employment- Based Immigration- This is important since you are employing foreign talents. There are two types of employment based immigration. Immigration on the temporary Visa and permanent immigration. Since you are hiring foreign talents , they would require a temporary work visa.

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