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During the climate change and climate crisis which is affecting several industries, Italy has some solution to tell us. Sustainable designs are now taking center stage in the design world as we battle the climate crisis.

Implementing Sustainability in architecture is trickier that is given the scale of design. The impact will also be big enough to cause ripples of positive changes. It is not the aviation industry but actually the construction industry that contributes to the global greenhouse gas emissions. The difference is 2% vs 39%. Indeed, cement alone is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Mario Cucinella Architects and WASP decided to do something about it and designed TECLA- a completely 3D printed global habitat based on natural materials.

TECLA’s construction started as a prototype in 2019 near Bologna. Italy as a response to pressing societal issues of explosive population growth which inevitably led to a lack of affordable accommodation. TECLA is created using entirely reusable , recyclable materials taken from the local terrain- it aims to be a model for circular housing as well as eco-housing. The Habitat has been designed by Mario Coccinelli architects and brought to life by WASP’s engineering and printing tech.


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A developer toolkit for the optimism network, the firm said. However, base will not be limited to Ethereum. It will also provide easy and secure access to layer two networks such as optimism, as well as other blockchains ecosystem like Solana. Today we are excited to announce test test launch of Bevan Italian layer two…

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The second pressure point when you’re walking around is where the ball of your foot is, so it’s kind of hard to see Money making pot

The rock  You can. Here:- one is right here around the Rockport logo there and that’s where you kind of have a lot of pressure on the heel. The second pressure point when you’re walking around is where the ball of your foot is, so it’s kind of hard to see. I’m going to pull…

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