First migrant Caravan of the year comes days before Joe Biden takes office, promising more human migration policies.

Guatemala security forces used batons and tear gas to beat back a large migrant Caravan bound for the United States.

A large section of the caravan clashed early on Sunday with Guatemalan security officials, 3000 of whom had mastered by the villageofVado Hondo , 55km(34miles) from the boarders of Handuras and EI Salvador.

“We want Guatemalans to let us past,” said Joawuin Ortiz,a Honduran in the Caravan. “Because we are not leaving here. We are going to carry on. I want to get through because it’s horrible in our country. There is nothing in Honduras.”

Between 7,000 to 8000 migrants, including families with young children have entered Guatemala since Friday, authorities say, fleeing poverty and violence in a region ha.mered by the coronavirus pandemic and back-to-back hurricanes last November .

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