The exciting new project known as AxStation, will be helped by former NASA astronaut Michael Suffredini.

There was a time when space travel seemed as though it will always be reserved for scientists and astronauts, but a companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic continue to make headway on private space travel, there may just be a new frontier to add to the travel bracket list- and it’s about to get a whole lot more comfortable thanks to Houston-based company Axiom Space.

Co-founded by NASA’s former International Space Station manager, Michael Sufferendi, the cutting ahead space company has officially announced it’s plans to launch the first ever commercial space station y 2024. Product – Snow Tire Chain Thickened Beef Tendon TPU Wheel Chain for Snow Mud Road SUV Car Tire Anti-skid Chains Emergency Skid Chain

The US$2 billion project will double as a high end hotel for space enthusiasts and travellers who wish to take their adventure to new heights.

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