In its closed door emergency meeting hold today, Ethiopia’s house of Federation ( HoF) voted Tigray State’s regional state’s election , scheduled to take place on September 09 is ‘unconstitutional’ and contravenes Article 9(1) of the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia (FDRE).

According to the press issued by the HoF a short time ago, its members have delivered on the result submitted by the Council of Constitutional Inquiry (CCI) to identify the affairs standing committee of the House of People’s Representatives , (HoPR) regarding the CCI’s resolution on the postponement of Ethiopia’s 6th national election and the term limit extension of the executive (including the federal and regional states legislative organs) due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The members of the house have underscored that in the events that took place so far, the HoF has displayed respect to the People of Tigray and that it believes not harm should be inflicted upon the people of Tigray due to “the works of illegal bodies”, and that due to the views the households for the people of Tigray; ” it will work to avoid the social, economic and political harms.’, and has agreed to continue working held efforts to ‘solve problems peacefully and legally.”

In addition the statement said the HoF members have discussed complaints filed by Tigray Democratic Party, and the Committee of Identity and Geographic Restoration of Wolkait-Tegede with regards to Tigray states ‘ Illegal election preparations ” and the ensuing “human rights violations”.

The house agreed that not respecting this decision must be unacceptable and should be corrected.

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