The Japanese economy shrank at annual rate of around 27% in April-June 2020. In the scientific data on the screen can find a figure. A number indicates the amount of loss in such period of time. The figure has an impact based value which is the view point direction where the politicians are trying to take the society.

Sure, the media makes it very difficult or very easy. It is depending on individuals perception which may grow to grab our existence on earth. The mentioned shrinking economy is from Japan where Japanese can tell you less about Covid-19 or the middle aged drama which is being on the stage for months now. The point is, Where is the economy loss goes?

The loss has its value to my understanding of principal similarities between Ignorance and science. Actually, there is no evidence to tell someone that “Tokyo is city in Japan.” If anyone has one to answer, it doesn’t give sense because once you ignored the human, it is bad catastrophe to accept the whole bases of our material garden.

The material garden where every local men and women can see from the local board. In 21st century, life and love gets booed by those economic masterminds before we catch up the real content.

Have I talked about , Question?

Ask, when there is a question was partly movement during the fight of Soviet Union in Zimbabwe. The masterminded once have only one eye. If the holy God blesses wholly the one, it will be an event of creating the new dinosaur species•

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By Eyasu Esayas

Entrepreneur, Writer, Business advocate and Teacher. Nice to have every soul on board. Eyasu do adore the HUMAN Nature. Join the Wonderful Team.

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